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0207 501 8555 2014 Awards

Posted by admin on 29th December 2014

Words by Nick Frith


As the year comes to a close here at the offices, we thought it’d be fun to take a look back at the year that has passed and conduct an unofficial awards ceremony. Plenty of teams claim to be the best, but who really is the star at the top of our Christmas tree?  Start preparing your acceptance speech and tightening your bow ties as we announce the 2014 award winners.

The ‘It’s Just Like Watching Brazil’ Award for most team goals

This has been won by what can only be described as a landslide victory. With over 100 goals more than nearest rivals ‘Back to the Futura II’, putting the ball in the onion bag a whopping 678 times, ‘Shaktar Senseless’ take the prize for most goals this year. Averaging 15 goals a game, watching them down at London Bridge Mint Street is always entertaining.

Team Goals
Shaktar Senseless 678
Back to the Futura Part II 552
PwC Panthers 446
FNC FC 437
CHP CF 392
Burn It To Eat It 382
Los Ninos 365
Cisco 362


The ‘John Smith’ Award for Most Popular Team Name.

What do you get when you combine an ex-Chelsea left back and late 90’s UK garage? The most popular 5 a-side name of 2014, Le Saux Solid Crew! Three teams chose this title, resulting in maximum confusion in the office. And to think it’s the name of my Fantasy Football team as well…

The ‘Invincibles’ award for the longest winning run

Having not lost since the 12th day of 2014, an incredible 11 months later ‘Burn It To Eat It’ have currently had 39 wins on the bounce. The last time they were pushed close was by ‘Leeroy Jenkins’, way back on June 15th. Can they be stopped in 2015?

Team Last Loss Games Since Last Loss
Burn It To Eat It 12/01/2014 39 (all wins)
Shaktar Senseless 08/07/2014 22 (21 wins, 1 draw)
MIC Utd No losses 20 (all wins)
RoRo Lite 10/09/2012 17 (all wins)
The Clams No losses 13 (12 wins, 1 draw)
Kilburn Wizards 29/07/2014 12 (11 wins, 1 draw)
Is Your Motherwell? No losses 12 (10 wins, 2 draws)
ABCDEFC No losses 11 (9 wins, 2 draws)


The ‘Ballon D’Or’ for most M.O.M awards

While the world waits to discover if Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Manuel Neuer wins the Ballon D’Or, we also have a 3 way tie in our leagues. ‘Los Ninos’ captain marvel Jamie Gardiner is tied with ‘Clean Shirts’ Chris Jones and Simon Bennett of ‘Unathletico Madrid’ with 11 M.O.M awards. A great effort from all three.

Name Team MoMCount
Chris Jones Clean Shirts 11
Jamie Gardiner Los Ninos 11
Simon Bennett Unathletico Madrid 11
Adam Al-Attar Shaktar Senseless 10
Chris Lowe Multiple Scoregasms 10
Will Hill Megafootballsupertrons 9
Tom Winchester Bunch of CTs 9
Ali Craggs Burn It To Eat It 9
Tom Knott The 76ers 9


So that’s it, the best 2014 had to offer. A big thank you to everyone who played in our leagues, we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have! Let’s see what 2015 has in store for us…


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from everyone at the team!