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  1. New Website Features

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    Words by Nick Frith

    Here at we are always trying to make the football experience as easy as possible for all of our teams. After all, nobody’s 5-a-side game should be stressful; it should be the highlight of the week! It’s often the same old stresses that appear – being short of a player, teammates not letting you know if they can play and nobody checking the kick-off time. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get rid of all those worries?

    Our new online profiles and website features aim to do just that! Over the next few weeks all of our team captains will receive log-in details to their profiles, giving them access to the following features:

    • Player availability check

    All Team Organisers will be able to invite all of their teammates to join the team’s online profile, via the ‘My Teams’ tab, by entering their email addresses. Once this is done life will immediately become much easier. After signing up, your teammates will be able to mark their availability online. Suddenly you won’t be chasing everyone to find out who’s off on a stag do and who’s up for the match!

    • Fixture reminders

    Despite the fact that you’ve told all of your team you’re away all weekend and to check the website for the fixture time, you still get into work on a Monday morning to numerous texts and emails from your team trying to find out when the game is this week. Now this no longer needs to be the case! Once you have added your teammates to the team we will send them fixture updates every week, making 5-a-side life hassle free.

    • More detailed and accurate man of the match standings

    Bragging rights within a team are usually settled over the post-match pint, and it should long remain this way! However, now the statistics can play a role in deciding each season’s MVP. Once your team are registered, man of the match awards can be accurately logged so come the end of the season you’ll know once and for all who was most influential in leading your team to glory.

    • Find Ringers

    With kick off just 4 hours away, Gary from accounts has just cried off with a cold. You’ve used up all your favours for this week and now have no one to call on. Fear not! Our ringers system is here to help. You will now have access to a database of players who are available to play at your venue. Simply send them a message and you’ll have found your team the new Lionel Messi*.

    *Quality of player may vary.

    • Online payment system

    The final element of our new website features allows you to keep close track of your team’s league fees and make payments via your profile. It’s never been so simple!


    If you’re a current team and are yet to receive your log in details then please get in touch and we’ll send them out to you straight away. And if you’re not signed up, then this is just another reason to do so. This really is 5-a-side made simple!