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The Perfect Gift for a 5-a-side Football Player!

Posted by admin on 11th December 2015

Words by Nick Frith

We’ve reached that time of year again. Come Christmas Eve, thousands of people will be aimlessly charging around shopping centres with a look of panic on their face, trying to find a Christmas present for that final member of the family. The organised amongst us have presents sorted months in advance, but that doesn’t mean they’ve chosen something that the recipient will actually enjoy! We’re here to help, with our selection of gifts for the 5asider in your life. So chose the description below which best fits the recipient of your Christmas cheer, and we have a gift ready selected for you. All you have to do is wrap it!


The 5-a-side Hero

If Tuesday night 5-a-side is the highlight of their week, they have a notebook containing their personal goal scoring record over the last 6 years and are always chatting away in their teams WhatsApp group, then you are definitely looking for a present for a 5-a-side hero! Luckily, this year there is only one gift they need. The Five-A-Side Bible has been lovingly put together by Chris Bruce, and covers all aspects of the game we adore. From naming your team to talking tactics, as well some of the most outlandish tales from the world of 5-a-side, this book covers it all and will keep the keenest of 5-a-side keenos quiet until the New Year.

Amazon – £14.99

Best Bit – The low down on how to take the perfect 5-a-side penalty is a must read for any proud 5-a-sider.



The Fitness Freak

Protein shakes for breakfast and 20 minutes of stretching before bed? If this sounds like the 5-a-side footballer in your life, then the fitness trend is definitely the route to take when it comes to deciding their present this year. Lots of people don’t realise quite how good for you a game of 5-a-side is, and what better way to prove this than tracking your levels of exertion via your heart rate. There are loads of fitness trackers on the market, from Fitbit to Garmin, so have a shop around to find the best fit. We’d recommend finding one that is worn around the chest such as the Polar H7 so it is out of harm’s way during games!

Various- £30 to £150

Best Bit – Most fitness trackers link up to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so results will be available just minutes after your match.



The Equipment Geek

The 5-a-side revolution is well under way, and kit providers are starting to offer players some fantastic gear. If your planning on spending a bit of money on gifts, then it’s hard to beat a new pair of 5-a-side boots! One of the flashiest has to be the new Adidas Ace TKRZ. Made specifically for artificial turf with a unique geometric sole, these pink and black boots will not only make you stand out but also help you stand up with their extra grip. Any boot named Tekkerz is going to have a big role to play in the 5-a-side world!

ProDirectSoccer – £115

Best Bit – A new lacing system will ensure these boots fit perfectly to your feet, giving you the first touch others can only dream of.



The Goalkeeper

Goalkeepers are a pretty special breed, so it’s seems only right that they get their own category. I’d suggest getting them something they might not even realise they can buy, a pair of goalkeeping kneepads. Diving around on an artificial pitch can get pretty sore after a while, so kneepads can prevent any pain as well as giving a goalkeeper that little bit of extra confidence when falling at the feet of an attacker.

Just Keepers – Various

Best Bit – You can even get base layers with built in goalkeeping pads. Perfect for cold winter night’s!



The Tactician

Every team has that one player who is constantly suggesting new tweaks to formation and considering the idea of overlapping full backs (n.b. this does not work in 5-a-side). To spare yourself from having to listen to all of their ideas, grab them a copy of the latest edition of the Football Manager computer game series. It will allow them to immerse themselves in a world of training and transfers, and spare you from having to listen to all of their tactical ideas! Warning: Football Manager addictions have led to lost jobs and ruined marriages, please give gift responsibly.

Steam – £34.99

Best Bit – Consider buying the handheld version for iPhone, making boring tube journeys a thing of the past.